Kali manufactures a wide range of idlers and frames to suit various requirements. We manufacture both frame type ( fixed) and garland (festoon). Idlers such as carrying, return, troughing, training, impact, transition and pipe conveyor rollers. Apart from regular idler types, Kali also manufactures special types of idlers such as non magnetic idler, weighing idler, vibration free garland idlers for machines, live shaft idler, rubber lined idlers for corrosive atmosphere, picking table idlers etc.

Kali idlers are manufactured in a systematic manner subject to stringent quality control from raw material stage through production to Final Product. Specialized machinery has been built and customized for manufacture of idlers with precision. All aspects of manufacture is monitored by a highly skilled and experienced workforce .

Idlers are grease packed for life to ensure trouble free usage with minimal maintenance requirement. Excellent sealing arrangement ensures that the idlers are water and dust proof ensuring extended life in the most severe conditionns on the field. Least friction factor ensures substantial saving in power consumption and smooth operation. Idlers are pre-run in the factory for even distribution of grease and ensuring least starting resistance. Supporting structural members are manufactured in specials fixtures for consistent quality.

Kali pioneered Sheet Metal Bearing Housings in India for the first time in 1970 as a quality import substitute.

Idlers are manufactured in a preplanned manner with built in check points and milestones to ensure that the Right Quality Product is delivered to the customer at the right time.

Kali idlers are in operation in Asia’s largest open cast Lignite mines with a design capacity of 20000 tph, conveying speed of 5.4m/s.

Rollers of this conveyor system manufactured by Kali MHS include garland (festoon) idler sets with barrel diameter of 219.1mm fitted with 6318 bearing.